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My doTerra Abode Interior Wellness Experience

I am big on wellness design in my home. Therefore, this past fall DoTerra launched the new Abode cleaning line. The line includes a multi-surface cleaner, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent. There is also a stand alone essential oil that can be diffused. My husband and I decided to put these products to the test to experience the line in our own home.

First, we used the multi-surface cleaner on our glass tables, kitchen countertops and bathroom areas. It withstood the test with a lovely scent and a non-toxic clean finish. We liked it so much, we thought we would test it on our luxury vinyl plank floor. I have liquid mop in which I filled with water and added the Abode multi-surface concentrate. I was impressed how it cleaned my floor and did not put a dull finish on it.

Second, the dish soap is a luxury to use. I love the new pump doTerra added to this product and the design of the container as well as the multi-service cleaner compliments the design of our kitchen. For quick washing of a few dishes, using the dish soap makes dishwashing a pleasure,

Third we used the dishwasher pods. We we more than satisfied with the cleanliness and quality of the wash on our dish ware and glasses. The product did just as good or better than brands we have purchased.

Fourth, we used the laundry pods. I admit was in the dinosaur age still using liquid laundry detergent for cleaning my clothes. Using the Abode laundry pods was my first ever experience using pods. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quality of how well my clothing was cleansed as well as the freshness of the scent.

Five, the Abode essential oil. Ah yes, Abode provides a lovely clean scent while diffusing in my living room. The scent is clean, cleansing, yet warm and cozy. I absolutely love creating wellness design in my home while diffusing this oil in my ultrasonic diffuser. Next to Lavender, Abode is my new favorite feel good space essential oil. I also use several drops of doTerra Abode essential oil on my wet freshly Abode laundry pod cleaned laundr when I place them in my dryer. It completes the aroma of the laundry pods and nontoxic freshness of the home wellness design experience in my home.

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