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Choose your pricing plan

  • Online- Home Feng Shui for Wellness

    Craft a health-focused Feng Shui home environment.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Craft a health-focused Feng Shui environment
    • Eliminate Feng Shui blockages for overall wellness
    • Utilize the Bagua map for health optimization
    • Enhance all eight areas of your Home Bagua map
    • Refine Yin/Yang and Elemental theories for balance
    • Add personal touches for a vibrant, healthy life
    • Enjoy 2 personalized 60-minute Zoom consultations
    • Chinese Bazi Four Pillars Reading for Health
    • Flying Stars Feng Shui Energy Path Reading
    • Feng Shui Aromatherapy Recommendations and custom blending
  • Customized Aromatherapy Consultations

    Aromatherapy for Mind, Body, and Home with customized options
    Valid for 3 months
    • Initial consultation and assessment
    • Blends for creating calming, relaxing, home environments
    • Blending for Home Air Environment Detoxifcation
    • Blending for Vertigo, Sinus, Peri & Post Menopause symptoms
    • Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Stress Management
    • Offers Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches
    • Blends for Space Clearing & Feng Shui Aromatherapy
    • Can integrate with color therapy healing approaches
    • All Custom Essential Oil blends created with client input
    • Receive customized blends, roll-ons, sprays, inhalers
    • ZOOM Video or In Person Upper Marlboro/Bowie, MD area
    • Follow up education on safe and effective ways to use blends
    • Aligned Essentials Monthly Mentorship FREE
  • 3 Session Theraupuetic Yoga Private Pack

    Personalized sessions that blend the wisdom of yoga with tailored therapeutic techniques.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Required Introduction and Intake Process
    • Tailored Health Focused therapuetic techniques
    • Gentle Movement, Breathwork, Relaxation Techniques
    • Classes on Zoom or In Person in Bowie/Upper Marlboro, MD
    • Stress management, Mood, Behavior, and Trauma Disorders
    • Evidence based, adaptive to all levels of experience
  • Zoom Drop In- Mindful Gentle Yoga

    "Slow flow" yoga class with an emphasis on mindfulness and breathwork
    Valid for 7 days
    • Class flows through a series of movements at a slow pace
    • Concentrated focus on your mind and breath practices
    • Well-suited for those with stress, anxiety or trouble sleep
    • Perfect for beginners looking for weekly classes
    • Tuesdays Evenings- 5:30 pm -6:30 pm ET. starting March 19th
    • Online ZOOM
  • One Month Plan- Mindful Yoga Online

    Every month
    "Slow flow" yoga class with an emphasis on mindfulness and breathwork
    • This class experiences a series of slower, gentler flows
    • Unlimited Monthly Tuesday Online Mindful Zoom Yoga Classes
    • Tuesdays 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm ET
    • Well-suited for those with stress, anxiety or trouble sleep
    • Perfect for beginners looking for weekly classes
  • AromaTouch Therapuetic Touch

    Clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians
    Valid for 7 days
    • Specific sequence of movements for holistic wellness
    • Combines touch with essential oils for overall well-being
    • Balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
    • Various techniques to apply 8 different essential oils
    • Application to the back, feet, and hands
    • Location for Service DC, MD, VA area
  • Wellness H.O.M.E 1:1 Mentoring

    Invest in yourself and your well-being by creating a home that nourishes and uplifts you
    Valid for 3 months
    • Home planning tailored to personal needs and goals
    • Comprehensive assessments of your living space
    • Customized wellness home plan
    • Home Color Therapy to balance mind & body energy
    • Home Reiki, Feng Shui, and Vastu (Vedic) Analyses
    • Eco-friendly aromatherapy blends for the home environment
    • Strategies to support healthy, organized, mindful, spaces
    • 1:1 Private Mentoring Sessions Online using Zoom
    • Follow -up and support available
    • Create energetic alignment with your home
  • Essential Alignment Mentorship

    Every 6 months
    extend my heartfelt invitation to join me in a transformative journey towards Essential Alignment.
    Valid for 12 months
    • A Private Mentorship Group
    • Monthly Group Mentoring Calls
    • Guest Experts
    • Monthly Group Challenges
    • Membership Site Access
    • Mini Classes
    • Essential Oil Resources
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