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Intentional Wellness Design with Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

You’ve heard the statement that you need to live a balanced life. But you might have wondered how to achieve that balance. The first step would be to learn how Feng Shui can help you. Hailing from China thousands of years ago, Feng Shui is the art of knowing how to create balance. The balance is found by giving energy the proper space in your life. Energy needs a certain flow - and there is a definite art to Feng Shui for developing the flow of energy. This art is done by moving ordinary items and aligning them so that your surroundings reflect harmony to you. Using the concept of heaven and earth, Feng Shui takes what’s known as wind water and by using the life force (or qi), creates positive environments for homes or offices. 


Using this popular belief, that qi creates positive environments, many buildings and homes in China are built with Feng Shui as a focus and are happy, successful places to live in and work. Understanding and using Feng Shui can help to create harmony in all areas of your life - your relationships, your work and even your health. In places that are perfectly balanced and at one with nature, it pulls the good energy toward the living space. Spaces that are at discord with nature promote not so positive energy.

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 You might have heard the phrase ‘product of their environment’ whenever someone’s life is in turmoil. But good, positive energy or qi can be created and turn a bad environment into a harmonious one. By using existing energy constructively, you can create an environment to cause the energy to work for you.

Feng Shui Living For Womens Mental Health

In my personal wellness experience, I have found that mental wellness goes hand in hand with the basic concepts of Feng Shui. In addition I have found specifically among women, that better mental health comes with great Feng Shui.


The International Design Journal published an incredible research study of 200 housewives with children and their thoughts about their interior decor of their homes. A higher quality of life (physical, social, psychological) was reported by women who had used feng shui principles incorporated in the design of their homes. This is monumental and tells how feng shui has a positive affect on women's physical and emotional health.



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