What I Offer

What I Offer


  • Online and In person workshops and classes, in which you can learn more about the effects of various oils or custom blends in your home and life. 

  • Aromatouch hand therapy, synthesizing traditional Chinese medicine with aromatherapy to create a gentler version of acupuncture. There are no needles involved; instead, with your consent, oils are placed on specific energy points on your hand to produce an empowering effect known as reciprocal resonance. 


  • Personal consultations that build understanding and explain possibilities. You might welcome me into your home to assess options or simply correspond with me online. The choice is entirely yours. 

  • The opportunity to join my SBW Aligned Home Wellness Design Team to become a professional, independent Wellness Advocate. Whether you're a professional psychotherapist or a regular client, I invite you to join me in a professional relationship in which we work together to share these experiences, knowledge, and products with willing listeners. 


I also invite you to experience DoTERRA essential oils to explore more options and ideas. To learn more about how I use the oils in my home click here to listen to my podcast episode dedicated to my personal exploration with DoTerra essential oils.  My mentor and professional reference, Elena Brower, is a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of holistic wellness strategies. 



How do essential oils  contribute to your world?

Aromatherapy can directly help alleviate depression, anxiety, and stress. Diverse collections and colorful varieties of natural scents present infinite combinations that can help ignite spiritual transformation by revitalizing your personal space. When paired with the mindful arrangement of space, oils will soothe and guide you during your journey to emotional and spiritual wellness. After all, harmonizing your interior with your exterior involves the cultivation of an environment that feeds your identity, not suffocates it. 


What are Essential Oils? 

These oils are extracted from various components of plants. The processes of mechanical pressing and distillation transmute the flowers, bark, leaves, and fruit into wonderful liquids that retain the original fragrance in all its natural purity.

One of the most salient essential oil companies is DoTERRA, with which I proudly collaborate. They create oils of the highest quality to help people such as yourself on their paths to wellness.