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Is Your Home Draining You? Five Quick Tips to Reenergize!

The look and feel of your home should be warm and inviting, after all, we do spend so much time indoors staring at our walls and furniture. The choices you make with your decor can help reduce stress, enhance your mood and help you sleep better. If your interior décor is not particularly elevating your mood and seems to be draining the little energy left when you are working from home or getting home from work, you will be needing a few tips and tricks to survive.

Here are five quick tips you can use to get your energy back:

1. Change Your Interior Color

Too many loud colors all over make it difficult to relax as your eyes will be darting all around trying to take it all in. Try to blend the colors and patterns used when decorating to make the environment a more peaceful and relaxing one. Keep the color schemes a bit similar. You can also use hues that are soothing and calming in areas such as the living room and bedroom to remind you of nature.

2. Declutter

Remove anything you may consider as non-essential to your living space. Never let your coffee table get cluttered and use baskets to store away the junk. Have a designated place for every item in your household. You can use the four-box method where you have one with trash, one full of items to give away, one with items to be relocated and one with items to keep.

3. Use Essential Oils

The use of essential oils for their healing and stress relieving purposes dates to early years. These oils help you feel calmer and relaxed after a hard day’s work. Diffusing essential oils into your living space is a good way. Use a blend of lemon, orange and lavender extracts to get that pleasant smell and keep you healthy. Peppermint and Lemongrass oils give your home a cool, fresh scent while Cedar wood is ideal for that earthy rich scent.

4. Re-Arrange Your Furniture

Balance out your pieces in terms of size to create a harmonious atmosphere. Tricks like triangulation help in creating an appearance of depth in space. For example, putting end tables on either side of your sofa and painting just above it to give an artist’s perspective on your space. Use symmetrical arrangement to create balance and a healthy relationship between the items in your living space. This can be done by ensuring there are at least two of everything in the house; candles, coffee tables or armchairs.

5. Incorporate Proper Lighting

When lighting up your space, choose to look at locations instead of lighting up the entire room. Bright lights hanging over your head may not be the best when looking to relax at home. Use spot lights for areas that need lighting such as sofas, study areas, and dining areas. Match the natural and artificial lighting to your colors to ensure a calm effect is achieved.

Make sure your home environment enhances your mental, physical, health. You deserve the best out of your home. The suggestions above will give you a great start.

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