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How to Feng Shui Your Energetic Clutter

Visual clutter begets energetic clutter. Trauma, illness, and any strong emotions expressed in your space can create an energetic residue. This can be caused by predecessor chi or from those who lived in your home prior to you purchasing it. If your walls of your home is filled with residue of low energy it can be a threat to the subtle and emotional body. Healing and happiness can be hindered when the body is fighting low energy and weakens itself having no good energy left.

Clearing your space on a regular basis is suggested, specifically if your home or a particular room is holding heaviness of energy. You can clear energy through smudging using sage or palo santo, reiki, clapping, or toning singing bowls. Another way I recommend is burning natural incense.

The area where this matters the most is in your bedroom and Family and Health guas. In the bedroom specifically, check the Heart Center of the space to ensure that the energy feels fresh and bright.

Other ways to clear energetic clutter include:

  • Practicing yoga- I find Vinyasa or Hatha yoga to be great energetic builders of my body and my space. Also, consider Yin and Restorative yoga practices too when you feel you need a less active movement.

  • Music- I grew up listening to all kinds of music. I love playing music often. I love to play music from musicians like the Young Janice or Miles Davis, that have melodies and rhythm. Music with lyrics create energy. If you want to play music with lyrics, make sure the words are a positive uplift.

  • Artwork- Choose artwork or photographs that have empowered messaging, uplifting, and can elevate the energy of your space. The idea here is to rebalance the negative energetic residue that may be present in the space. I have found nature photography or images that represent my spiritual practice inspiring. I absolutely love vibrant, colorful abstract art in my space that have positive or meaningful titles by the artist

  • Create an altar- Anyplace in your home is good for an altar. However, one the best guas to place to consider would be the Family, Health and Helpful People Travel. Specifically, I like placing altars in private areas of my home. Depending on your space, altars can be placed on a mantel, on top of a bookshelf, side table, wall shelf, or the sill of your window. Altars can be dedicated to spirit guides, ancestors, and or anything that inspires you. Place items that have healing items, candles, photos, flowers, images of deities, herbs, etc. Altars create good chi if ti is holding blessings and gratitude which disseminates through you home.

  • Diffuse essential oils- In places where energy feels the heaviest, try diffusing this uplifting essential oil blend in an ultrasonic diffuser to uplift and energize your interior environment:

3 drops of DoTerra Cheer

1 drop of DoTerra Citrus Bliss

  • Breathe- Sit quietly. Draw you mind inward. Relax your face, chest, and core. Breathe in for four counts. Hold for four counts. Breathe out for four counts. Repeat nine times. Read the following affirmation out loud three times: "Aliveness is a sacred experience."

If you feel you need your home evaluated for heaviness or any other energetic concerns, feel free to contact me to do an in home or virtual consultation at

May you clear your energetic pathways with love and compassion.


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