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Feng Shui Living For Womens' Mental Health

In my personal wellness experience, I have found that mental wellness goes hand in hand with the basic concepts of Feng Shui. In addition I have found specifically among women, that better mental health comes with great feng shui.

The International Design Journal in 2021 published an incredible research study of 200 housewives with children and their thoughts about their interior decor of their homes. A higher quality of life (physical, social, psychological) was reported by women who had used feng shui principles incorporated in the design of their homes. This is monumental and tells how feng shui has a positive affect on women's physical and emotional health.

Depression and anxiety has roots in not getting good sleep at night which in turn affects our mood. Irritability sets in with little things that may "annoy" you from your spouse, children, and experiences on the job.

Research supports that if bedrooms are arranged and organized in a manner that supports good feng shui, people get a better night's sleep thus increased balanced mood and overall well being result. One such study reviewed younger women's responses of feng shui arrangements of a bedroom space made for a better night's sleep.

For example ensuring the placement of the bed, no electronics including TV's, computers, etc., honoring the best sleeping direction via feng shui readings, carefully selected therapuetic wall colors, specific essential oil diffusion can be extremely helpful in regulating good sleep. See some of my earlier blogs about feng shui and mood.

Women experience stress on so many levels depending on their position in life. We feel overwhelmed, moody, and when we are at a certain age we tend to have hormonal imbalances which can aggravate stress in our mental states.

Balance, Wellness, & the Five Elements

Balance and wellness are key to designing and decorating with the 5 Elements. These principles of Feng Shui ensures helps to enhance feelings and balance in physical and psychological wellness:

  • Earth: Strong, wholeness, clarity, concentration

  • Fire: Happiness, energy, inspired, enlightened

  • Metal: Stillness, adaptable, confidence, calm

  • Water: Patience, enthusiastic, expansive, compassionate

  • Wood: Enlightened, expansive, energetic, inspired

Having Gratitude for Home

I believe in expressing gratitude as a mental wellness exercise. This includes your home and your life. One of the core beliefs of feng shui is that everything has life. Home is Protection, Safety, Health, Security and Environment. Give your home thanks for all it does for you and your family.

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