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WFH? Interior Therapy for Computer Optical Fatigue

Since COVID-19 many of us are working full time at home. As a result, I am using and straining my eyes now more than ever. I have found constantly being at my computer has caused me a lot of eyestrain and I began to think about ways I have used to help me with this and how you can too. Whether you are working at home or in the workplace, here are some tips to ensure a non-distracting, productive, computer work environment.

First, bright colors, strong colors, and patterns force our eyes to strain more to focus on documents and text. The unsettling "after images", occur when our eyes are seeking to re-balance.

For tasks requiring a lot of focus on our eyes, I have found that neutral muted colors like, taupe, sand, grey and green palettes, work best around computer workstations. Research has also shown that these colors produce better quality of work and productivity.

"For comfort and productivity, muted, soft and quiet colors should surround the field of vision behind the computer screen."

Second, be aware of what you see around your computer's field of vision. Artwork, photos, and posters tend to be distracting and causes the eye to contract. More favorable, pleasant visuals cause the eyes to relax.

Third, you have probably heard this and it is true, get up from your computer every thirty minutes to focus on something else. Medical professionals as well as Psychologists have been recommending this for years. For me, I may do a couple of yoga asanas, take a short walk around the neighborhood absorbing my environment, water my plants, get the mail or head for the kitchen for a healthy snack.

Fourth, simply looking out of your window for a few minutes also provides respite for the eyes. However, if you have a workspace that has no windows, consider painting an accent wall a sky blue that replicates the sky. This provides visual relief from computer eyestrain.

Fifth, the Society of American Florists found that the ability to solve problems and enhance creativity are increased with the presence of plants and flowers in the work environment. Plants are natural de-stressors, provide an natural healing element through color and texture and they lower blood pressure.

Take care of your eyes and observe your environment. Look for ways to enhance your eye health through these interior environment suggestions to ensure you are working at your peak productivity during these unprecedented times.


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