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Trauma Sensitive Feng Shui for Body, Mind, & Spirit

Within the last several years and beyond, there has been an emphasis or concentration on the word "trauma" and all that comes with it. However, trauma can come in many forms such as childhood trauma, racial trauma, abusive trauma, the list goes on and on.

However, as a trauma survivor myself, I have been working in my own home to feel more in control and to rid my space of negative energy in order to create a more safe environment. Based on my personal past living environments, I know that I can often feel anxious and cautious in and around my home to ensure for my personal safety and wellbeing.

Maybe for some of you who are reading this you may be asking yourself "is my home safe from predators?", "why am I constantly looking around my home?", "why do I feel anxious when the doorbell rings?", "how secure are my doors?","why is it that I just can't get comfortable at night sleeping?", or "why do I not feel safe right now?"

There are also may be energetic, yet subtle feelings about guests who enter your home. Do you ever feel that when some family members or friends enter that there may be a dysfunctional energy vibe they bring to the space? Maybe it is something that they say, do, or through their actions you begin to notice a subtle energetic shift to the space.

Based on my own experiences and as a Certified Trauma Informed/Sensitive Yoga Teacher and a Certified Feng Shui consultant, I have come to a level of awareness that those of us who suffer from past and even present traumatic experiences, have to constantly focus on the present moment since that is what we have control of in our lives.

Here are a few of my recommendations for Trauma Sensitive Feng Shui for Body, Mind, and Spirit:

  • Stay present in the moment. As my dear yogi friend Faith Hunter mentions in her latest book The Spiritually Fly Sutras, sit in a comfortable position, in a space in your home that you feel particularly safe and held. Do a left nostril breathing technique to help ease any anxiety you are feeling for one minute or longer. Concentrate on your breath to ease the anxious feelings in your body as well as in your mind. Once you have completed sit quietly and notice any sensations and overall feelings.

  • Consider taking a virtual trauma informed/sensitive yoga class at home to create movement of chi in your body as well as move energy in your space. I offer these classes privately and in groups. Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss in person and virtual options.

  • Where ever you spend the most time in your home, always sit in a Command Position. This is the position where you can see the door and those entering and existing your space. Always sit with a solid back wall behind you with no windows or doors in back of you.

  • Bring in objects in your space to help you feel grounded and safe. These could be everything from spiritual objects, to traditional Feng Shui symbols, crystals, or even plants. Use something that is a symbol of protection for you.

  • For your bedroom, make sure your headboard is grounded against a solid wall. Also ensure your wall does not have a bathroom on the other side which will cause uneven energy. Make sure your headboard itself is solid, meaning no open spaces in design and overly ornate. Make sure your bed is not positioned in corpse position. The corpse position is when the foot of the bed is aligned directly with the door of the bedroom.

  • Create a cozy space to go to whenever you feel less than safe or secure. I call this your sacred space which is one of the five cardinal rules of Feng Shui. Make sure your space is located in the Knowledge and Wisdom area of your home. This is a space that you can meditate, read books you enjoy or just be.

  • In my home, to manage my anxiety I diffuse essential oils such as DoTerra's Lavender, Elevation,

Vetiver, Bergamont, Melissa, Adaptive, Roman Chamomile and others to ground your space. Also, consider DoTerra's Hygge and Adobe to create an overall cozy and comforting vibe in your home, particularly in the living areas.

  • Nothing makes you feel unbalanced like clutter. Keep your space decluttered and energetically clear to ensure that good chi or energy is circulating freely.

  • Forgiveness meditation. Meditate and use affirmations begin to focus on forgiving those who have knowingly or unknowingly caused pain and trauma. A great essential oil to use in this process for me is DoTerra's Forgive essential oil roll-on.

  • We know a lot of people in our lives that we may need support from and who are available to help you. I thought this is a great idea and plan on creating this for myself. Create a Supportive People Jar. In your Helpful People corner of your home the front right corner, get a round stainless steel container with a lid. Silver is metal energy and rules the Helpful People/Travel bagua area. Take small pieces of paper and write the names of those in your life who can support you through your feelings of anxiety and stress, such as your therapist, yoga teacher, a relative or a trusted friend. Visualize their help and support. Through this exercise it will help you refocus your mind and energy to the present moment while focusing on who can support you. This manifests as good chi energy circulation in your home.

I am here to support anyone who has been traumatized and to help you create a home that feels safe and comforting. You deserve a space that does just that. Do not let your space contribute to your feelings and experiences of trauma. Create a home that supports your healing, both emotionally and physically.

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