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Three Feel Good Paint Colors for 2021

Within the last year we saw a new dynamic in paint colors. Gone are the days of playing it safe. Now we want floor-to-ceiling color to lift our moods, especially since we have been spending a quite a bit of time at home within the last year.

I am a huge advocate for the power of color psychology in the home. The impact that colors we surround ourselves with can have a major influence on our mood and emotions. Don't focus primarily on one color. However, colors seen in combination with each other are more impactful in creating feed good, positive energy and wellness in your home.

As a Certified in home Color Consultant and Color Therapist the paint colors, which I call feel good paint colors, can help lift your mood at home. Here are my picks for 2021:

My first pick is yellow it is a uplifting, feel good space color which is aligned with a happy mood and positive energy

My second pick is blue. Any tone will do but this year I am attracted to royal blue as well as a sky blues. However, pick a blue that uplifts your energy. Adding a peaceful blue hues in your space can create a sense of optimism. Darker blues add drama and can provide a relaxing atmosphere.

My third pick is green. One of the best ways to create balance in a space is to bring in a splash of green. This feel good space color brings a feeling of peace into any space in your home. We see it all around us in nature. Since we are spending a lot of time indoors, bring the outdoors in with a pop of green.

So these are my picks. Enjoy uplifting your energy and space with some feel good space hues for 2021. Let me know how these work for your space.

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