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The Feng Shui of Good Eating: My Love Affair with Gwell

Have you ever fell in love with a brand? How about a brand that is about conscious raising snacks and food. That just happened to me. I am sharing about a new holistic health snack brand called Gwell. This brand was founded by an African American woman entrepreneur,

Fawziyya Sugai, who was formerly working in the fashion industry and decided to pursue her passion in creating plant based functional food snacks. She started the business in Harlem, New York.

Gwell is Welsh for better. They are a wholistic food company with a goal for everyone to live better.

All of their snacks are: GLUTEN FREE / DAIRY FREE / SOY FREE / VEGAN / NON-GMO

In addition their snacks are created to support focus, energy, mood, and immunity which are very important factors as I age.

The brand offers so many delicious snacks it is hard for me to pick one that I love. However I the ones shown below are my top three:

Ladies, it is often hard to find snacks and food that helps bring you into a level of balance in our lives. The Founder started the company to find balance within herself and her busy lifestyle. According to Gwell's website, the founder, Fawziyya Sugai,

"selected ingredients to help with issues she faced he rself, from hormonal imbalance, skin issues, to stress and restlessness." Can I get an amen?!!

I find myself being nourished by the healthy ingredients during the day as I am working and it helps to fulfill me after a great yoga practice when I drink my favorite tea. I am in the process of introducing Ayurveda eating practices into my daily intake and Gwell products definitely works to in this routine.

I have been sharing this product to friends, colleagues and other entrepreneurs. I am happy to report that several of my colleagues have been trying the products and have reported their satisfaction with it. In addition, one of my colleagues is opening a holistic store soon in the Baltimore area. I asked her to consider the products as a wholesaler.

All in all, Gwell plant based products is a great addition to your healthy snack routine and I myself highly recommend the product and plan on providing it as part of my future in person events.

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