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Preparing Your Home for The Year of the Water Tiger 2022

The Year of the Water Tiger is 2022- this according to Chinese astrology. So what does this mean? The Water Tiger is an embodiment of competition, impulsiveness, communication and ambition. To creative more benevolent energy creating a Feng Shui sensitive decor in your living environment is highly advisable.

Specific symbols, colors and directions are considered auspicious in accordance with Chinese zodiac. So those who are born under specific animal signs in the Chinese zodiac are applied by these specific elements.

Significant information regarding the Year of the Water Tiger:

Colors: Blue, Green

Numbers: 1, 3, 7

Flowers: Plum Blossom

Direction: North

According to astrologer Jaime Wright, "The Tiger is associated with Yang (masculine, active) energy. Tigers do things their own way and hate being told what to do. Expect things to rapidly change this year. Sudden disruptions in career, romance and home life should be expected. Some of us will thrive through taking great leaps, while others might crash and burn. So while it’s important to follow our intuition and run with our wildest dreams, that means we also have to keep our egos in check.'

Feng Shui is an “ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance in a way that will bring peace and prosperity.”

To learn more about what Feng Shui, I invite you to read my earlier blog posts.

To ensure positive Feng Shui energy into your home, here are some suggestions to embrace the Water Tiger Year I suggest as always the Five Cardinal rules

  • Declutter your home

  • Create Zen Spaces

  • Get rid of anything you do not love

  • Surround yourself with things you absolutely love

  • Create reverent, sacred spaces

Also consider:

  • ensuring that your windows one of the pathways of good chi are clean and dust free.

  • eliminating any big furniture or other objects from restricting movement in your home.

  • discarding plant life that are dying or damaged

  • fixing water leaks of any kind

  • finding balance between activity and stillness by meditating and exercising often

  • breathing often and deeply

  • bringing in the earth element as a supportive and nourishment to Health, Family, Love and Marriage, Wealth areas of the home and as well as enhancing your creativity in the Children and Creativity area.

What to bring in:

  • Mirrors, lights, crystals and bright colors.

  • Five elemental colors into your space

  • Ensure your electrical system is in good working order

  • Add a water fountain, or aquarium in your home to enhance the water element of the Water Tiger Year. Water is tied to inspiration and emotions

  • diffusing my blend for the Lunar New Year below using an ultrasonic diffuser

Need more inspiration or advice? Book a consultation to get started.


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