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My Top Essential Oil Mood Enhancers

I just taught a delightful yoga class this month that focused on yoga and essential oil basics.

The class brought together five wonderful souls who were eager to learn not only yoga but the basics on how to uplift the mood using essential oils.

The list of benefits and uses for essential oils is long and complex, but let’s get back to basics. One of the top benefits for these oils is to help you feel better mentally and emotionally in the form of boosting your mood. If you need a nice pick-me-up, here are some of the best essential oil scents that will help you accomplish that.


If you have ever smelled something with a strong lemons cent, then you have a good idea of why this can be an excellent mood booster. Lemon is of course a citrus essential oil that is fresh, clean, and a little sweet. It is amazing for helping you to improve your mood and your energy levels, while also improving your concentration. Lemon essential oil is also naturally an antibacterial and antiviral, so it can help with your immune system if that is what is causing your mood to shift.

Ylang Ylang

Another essential oil that is highly recommended for improving your mood is ylang ylang. It might have a funny name, but the health benefits are outstanding. This is definitely in any top 10 list of the best and most beneficial essential oils for you. This is a tropical scent with a combination between a floral and sweet aroma. It is often used for mood behavioral changes like what you see in people with anxiety or depression. It is also very effective in people dealing with mood swings and irritability.


Jasmine is similar to other floral scents, like lavender and chamomile, where it is very relaxing and such a pretty scent to use. You can really boost your mood when you feel like you are standing out in a field of wildflowers. Jasmine has naturally calming properties, so it is great to use just before a big presentation or when you are feeling especially anxious. It can also boost your energy, help you feel more optimistic, and even give your confidence a nice little boost when you need it.


If you are interested in these floral scents, don’t forget about rose or rosemary. These essential oils are wonderful for reducing mental fatigue and exhaustion, which can take a toll on your emotional health and your mood as well. If you feel like you are experiencing irritability and mood changes because of how overwhelmed and stressed you are, rose is the essential oil you want to use. As an added bonus, it also helps with physical pains.


Lastly there is bergamot, which is one of the citrus

aromas for essential oils. Like lemon and orange, it is very refreshing and clean-smelling, which can really stimulate the happy chemicals in your brain and help your mood lift when you need it. Bergamot is also great for increased energy.

To make it easy for you, here is the link to purchase one or all and become a member of DoTerra.

At anytime I am happy to consult with you about the oils as well as which oils will best suit your needs. In addition, I host a few free workshops as well.

Feel free to email me directly at

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