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Home Therapy for the Summer

It is summer time and through the hot weather we can continue to make spiritual and energy connections within our home environment.

The flow of energy, connections and non verbal language that your home environment is communicating is a reflection of your own energy. Perhaps your home needs an uplift from the months of COVID-19 sequester. So as we are into the warmest months of the year, Feng Shui inspired Home Therapy for the summer is an awesome way to reenergize yourself and your home.

Here are my "home therapy" tips for creating a space that stays functional, cool, and energized throughout the middle of summer into the fall months:

1) Create plenty of light in your space. Bring in natural light through your windows, decorative lamps and sheer drapery.

2) Flowers and indoor plants uplift the mood with pops of color and natural elements.

3) Introduce energetic shifts in your spaces with wind chimes.

4) Add mirrors specifically in spaces that reflect beauty of your outdoor patio, other natural spaces.

5) Introduce, comfy, rich textures through accessories in your home. Sharp edges and rough textures are not conducive to positive energy in your home.

6) Of course, scents in the home are also uplifting. Try DoTerrra's Summer Citrus and Island Mint to create light seasonal aromas throughout the summer.

On July 27th I will introduce a new workshop called Essential Wellness Home Design. It is free and I will speak on how to create a home environment that enhances cleanliness, wellness with a little Feng Shui in-between. Register in the bookings section of my website.


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