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Love Your Home & Love Yourself

It is often said that your home is a reflection of your personality. This fall consider a few changes in your home décor can cause a big change in your attitude and is a great way to explore and love yourself. It gives you a chance to indulge in creativity and channelize your thoughts. Our interiors elicit emotions like happiness, joy and peace which truly equates to loving oneself.

1. Discover your likes and dislikes

The most important aspect of loving yourself through your environment is to learn more about your interior environment is to learn more about your likes and dislikes. Spend time looking at pictures on the internet and in magazines and identify your interior style. Follow your instincts and create a home that truly reflects your persona. There is no right or wrong in interior design, it is after all your home!

2. Choose colors that help you feel motivated.

What would life be without colors? An important aspect of your interior environment, different colors are linked with different feelings and emotions. Pink is the color for love and promotes a feeling of comfort in uncertain times. Decorate your home with accents of pink to feel the love. Similarly, orange is a beautiful color to use when you want to feel younger. Light purple is the color for spirituality and will deepen your sense of gratitude.

3. Create a gallery wall

Happy artwork or photographs will stimulate an emotion of happiness and contentment. Print pictures from memorable events in your life and create a gallery on a blank wall. This will give you a reason to smile every time you look at the photos.

4. Indulge in a cozy corner for yourself

Every now and then we all need some self-indulgence. Create one such corner in your home where you can retreat to be with yourself. Choose a corner in your home and place a comfortable chair, a reading light and a stack of books. Once in a while, give yourself the liberty to cozy up in a throw with a mug of hot chocolate in your little corner.

Now more than ever it is important to show love for yourself and your home. I have a workshop coming up on September 12th that shows you techniques to bring safety and love to yourself. Check it out here to learn more:

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