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Five Ways to Create a Cozy Space by Getting Hygge With It

Hygge is the Danish practice of relaxing, being cozy, and focusing on your wellbeing. It is all about unwinding, sitting back and really just enjoying your life with contentment. Fall is one of the best times of year to focus on hygge, as this is when the temperatures cool down, and you want to bundle up.

Enjoy Warm Drinks

This is a very simple activity you can incorporate into your daily routine in the fall season. It is perfect for when you are trying to get cozy and relax indoors, especially in a cold or rainy day. This can be a cup of homemade cocoa or apple cider, or have a little kick in it with a hot toddy or Irish coffee. Nothing wrong with that!

Be One with Nature

Yes, hygge can definitely be taken outdoors! It is not just about cuddling under a blanket in front of the fire, though that is a great way to practice hygge. Hygge is the practice of unwinding and finding a calm and positive mindset, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. If you want to go outdoors, plan a calming day that will ease your mind, such as taking a picnic to the park, or sitting by the lake and watching the ducks.

Relax in Front of the Fireplace

When you are faced with a chilly fall day and don’t have work or errands to run, don’t try to find something to do. Instead, go full hygge by grabbing a warm cup of cider and sitting in front of the fire. This is the ultimate way to practice hygge, and can be done on your own or with family or friends. Get your softest, coziest blanket, cuddle with your dog, or grab your kids for some time in front of the fire while you read them a story.

Schedule Down Time

Sometimes you have to make time for relaxation. It seems crazy, but when it comes to hygge, it doesn’t always happen organically. People live busy lives, and rarely leave time for themselves. If you need to, schedule down time into your day, or at least once a week. Make sure it is when you can fully relax, without something heavy on your mind, and without feeling like you need to check your phone to answer emails or bring your laptop with you.

Home Decor

Create a wellness interior environment in order to reap the benefits of optimal health. Home wellness design requires the creation of a new lifestyle. Creating a life and home design that supports inner peace, emotional balance, happiness and love is the primary objective in hygge.

Your home should offer safety, security, and a total sense of comfort and satisfaction. Your commitment to creating this environment encourages self love and self determination.

Intentional rest and relaxation is also an essential component of hygge living. Your environment must be arranged to encourage and promote rest and relaxation. Reduce stress, tension and anxiety with a good quality mattress for sleeping. Comfortable bed linens, pillows and lighting should be chosen for maximum comfort they will provide in your bedroom. Limit as many distractions in your bedroom as possible that could disrupt your rest.

Decide on what image and energetic qualities of hygge you would like to express and get busy creating it.

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