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Five Tips to Decorate Your Home with Feng Shui Intention.

The holiday season signifies joy, cheer and family bonding. It is also a great time to attract positive energy into your home and fill the house with Chi – enhancing decor. Feng Shui does not require you to go out of your way to buy anything specific, it simply is creating a harmonious balance in your home.

Here are 5 decorating ideas to get you house Feng Shui ready:

1. De – clutter:

The very first step to decorating your house for the holidays according to Feng Shui is to get rid of clutter. Clutter adds a feeling of chaos and distraction. Purge your mantel and display shelves, these can be rotated back after the holidays. Do not go overboard with the decorations as this can block the flow your ornaments for pieces that may be damaged, chipped or broken. You can sort the ornaments color-wise and remove anything that does not blend in the theme that you have chosen for this season. This is a good time to remove the usual decor items that might be taking up space on of Chi.

2. Light up your home:

Lights are an important element of decorating for the holidays. Lights balance the darkness associated with the winter thus creating harmony. Use twinkling lights at eye level to decorate the house. Lights harbor a festive spirit and should be used to light up the exteriors of the house including windows and doors. Pay attention to decorating the exterior as well as the interiors. Your home should reflect the spirit of the season and appear welcoming to the guests.

3. Bring in some green:

According to Feng Shui, live and healthy plants are harbingers of health and prosperity. Green is also the most common color found in nature. It is soothing and pleasing to the eyes. Green should also be used in conjunction with reds to balance out any negative effects dissipated from using an excess of red in the décor. In addition to a beautiful Christmas tree, use pine and evergreen garlands to add green to your holiday decoration. Poinsettias can add a magical touch.

4. Engage all the senses:

When decorating for the holidays, ensure that your home engages all the senses. Besides beautiful decorations, play soft music and set a cheerful mood. The music should not be too loud or discomforting for the people listening. Also invoke the sense of smell by lighting scented candles, and infusing the air with fragrant essential oils. My favorites DoTerra's holiday oils collection (above) are a few scents associated with the holidays. Fragrances add warmth and freshness to the home. Place bowls of fruits and nuts around the house so your family and friends can help themselves.

Tightly knit seating arrangement:

Finally, holiday means a lot of family gatherings and endless amounts of fun. Ensure that you create enough seating space for everyone to sit down and relax. The seating arrangement should be preferably in a circular arrangement to encourage conversation and the feeling of a tightly knit family. Get rid of sharp corners wherever possible and ensure that there are no obstacles that people may have to dodge, duck or squeeze through to walk around in the house.

Enjoy the holiday's using mindfulness and Feng Shui.

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