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Five Reasons Why I LOVE Soy Candles

Of all the choices you have in the types of candles you can use, natural soy candles is the best choice. You can find soy candles in many different sizes and shapes, and in as many fragrances as you can imagine.

My absolute favorites are Knit Soy and Metals, an African American woman owned brand out of Baltimore, Maryland. My two favorites are their Lemongrass and Lavender soy candles. I use these for my meditation, yoga practice, and adding aroma in my home when I am not using my essential oils.

If you’ve never given thought to the difference that your choice in candles makes, here are a few things you may want to consider:

1. Natural soy candles are not made from petroleum products. As you well know, petroleum is a non-renewable resource, which is being depleted at an ever-increasing pace.

As the world’s population increases, so does its energy needs. Petroleum is the world’s primary fuel source, and as such it has reached an all time high in demand. Soy candles, being made from natural ingredients, are not dependant on this supply of petroleum and are a product of a totally renewable resource.

2. When you burn candles made with petroleum products, you are also releasing into the air harmful toxins. These toxins are sometimes carcinogenic in nature, which is something a lot of people fail to recognize. Natural soy candles burn much cleaner than other candles, and do not contain carcinogens, or any other toxins which are a trademark of petroleum based candles.

3. The use of soy candles doesn’t promote the exploration and development of facilities, which can do further damage to our environment. You may not consider candles to be much of a strain on our eco-system, but think of the millions of candles being used worldwide, and you might paint a different picture in your mind. Drilling for petroleum deposits comes with an ecological price, which can sometimes be a lot higher than you could imagine.

4. Natural soy candles actually stimulate our economy, without any harmful side effects to the environment. The soy products used to make soy candles are almost all domestically grown, so it helps to keeps jobs at home.

5. Natural soy candles aren’t as messy as other types of candles. How many times have your candles burned, leaving a mess of wax to clean up? Some candles, especially those made with petroleum, can leave a horrid mess, which is difficult to clean - and they can leave oil stains, too. Soy candles clean up easily with just soap and water!

Buying natural soy candles makes perfect sense when you consider all of the positive attributes they possess. You won’t be giving up anything when you make the choice to use soy candles, as they come in all of the fragrances you’re accustomed to and they’re much better for you and the environment.


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