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Feng Shui for Stress and Anxiety

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

In today's world stress and anxiety has become very common. However, we can make e another choice. Stress can weaken the body's energy and trigger the sympathetic system. Easing anxiety can be helped through the creation of a nurturing, restorative home environment.

So how can you tell in your home environment that you are experiencing stress and anxiety?

Visually your home may appear chaotic, cluttered and energetically blocked. In addition here are some things (not all) to look for:

  • Cold and uninviting bedroom

  • Bedroom with a home office

  • Disorganized kitchen

  • Projects unfinished everywhere

  • Low or poor lighting

  • Dark colors all over

  • TV time takes over the energy in the main living area.

  • TV located in the Health & Family areas of the home

Here are some Feng Shui Solutions:

  • Create a calm, clear and open space in your home.

  • Declutter

  • Allow fresh air and sunlight into your home

  • Limit TV consumption

  • Add brighter colors throughout your home

  • Layer your lighting -combine, ceiling, table and floor lamps

  • Get an ultrasonic diffuser and diffuse specific DoTerra Essential Oils (set up a private consultation with me to discuss specific oils you can use)

  • Relocate your home office if possible from the bedroom

  • Reorganize your kitchen

  • Find balance between activity and stillness by meditating or try a anxiety or trauma informed yoga practice. (Feel free to contact me to discuss a private yoga practice)

Last, try this breath exercise:

Sit quietly

Draw your mind inward.

Relax your face, chest, and belly

Breathe in for four counts

Hold for four counts

Breathe out for four counts

Repeat nine times

Affirm: I am whole, complete and peaceful at the present moment.

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