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Feng Shui for Changing Seasons

The gentle and welcoming changes in seasons asks us to bring awareness in what has left and the unknown of what is coming. Changing seasons for most of us can be an opportunity to shift our perspective as well as internal and external energies.

I don't know about you but when the seasons change, I tend to want to reenergize my home and create change in my interior environment to honor the season. I feel connected to the season when I follow comforting rhythms because I feel a sense of peace and belonging it offers.

Each new season is the expression of what has left and the beginning of something to new to embrace. Therefore, I believe that clearing space and your mind allow me to honor and release the old and welcoming the new by being fully present.

Organizing and space clearing and a ritual in alignment with the new season can create energetic shifts in living presently with new awareness. Self-care practices, such as journalling, meditation, long essential oil baths, walks in nature, can help to ground our energies and become more present.

For me clearing clutter and energy adjustments trigger feng shui remedies and adjustments. Feng Shui remedies, such as red accents in the Fame and Reputation area or a set of rose quartz crystals in the Love and Marriage area, need to be regularly cleansed, refreshed and repositioned to keep the chi flowing. Spring is an excellent time of year to do just that.

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