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Essential Self Care Rituals for the Mind, Body & Feel Good Space

Yes, I am an absolute advocate for using essential oils for all things Mind, Body and Space. Essential oils are made from plants which of course come from nature. I am all about using nature to take care of ourselves and our spaces.

As a Wellness Advocate for Doterra, I am sharing with you an awesome list of Mind, Body and Space Care for your consideration

For Your Mind:

-Balance on the arches of your feet. Anytime you need grounding.

-InTune blend for meditation/study/focus time

-Roller bottle of Geranium (love/trust), Frankincense (truth), Ylang Ylang (devotion) and Wild Orange (abundance).

For Your Feel Good Space:

-Diffuse Bergamot and Lavender with Cilantro for morning, Sandalwood and/or Frankincense for evening.

-Drop of Eucalyptus or Breathe on the shower floor for a nice steam to inhale.

-Breathe in the Diffuser for allergies.

-Diffuse Elevation near your desk. -Diffuser blends: Elevation +Cypress, Frankincense + Bergamot, Wild Orange + OnGuard, Lavender + Breathe, Peppermint + Wild Orange, Cedarwood + Lavender.

For Your Body:

-One drop of Lemon in water. -OnGuard Hand Soap and Cleaner Concentrate for cleaning. -One drop of Grapefruit in Sparkling Water.

-Verage Face Care.

So these are part of my self-care for the home, body and mind. As spring approaches keep some or all of these ideas in mind to keep you on track.

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