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Connecting to Your Plant Allies

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

The subtle energy of plants helps us on the energetic level as well as the physical plane. Slowing down and taking time with the plants we are using helps us to have a deeper understanding of what these plants mean to us "Allies" is a term commonly used, and I like it because it denotes a two way street! The plants you find yourself attracted to can give you insight into yourself.

Certain shamans would call upon the spirit of different plants to bring healing during sacred ceremonies. Some cultures feel that the physical aspect of the plant is the shadow/weaker form of healing and that the plant spirit is the stronger healing option.

Notice what grows in your yard as well as in your home and ask: Are there plants that when you grow them they are always flourishing? Do you have certain plants you are naturally curious about? Are there certain scents you cannot live without?

Flower essences for example are energetic preparations of different plants. Bach flower remedies are the most commonly seen/used flower essence. They are highly energetic in nature so they are non toxic.

Essential oils are also made from various plants which can aid you in working with various health issues from allergies to circulating healthy air to helping with your personal mood.

What are some ways you can connect with your plant allies?

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