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Healthcare Partnerships

As a specialist in integrative exercise and yoga, I’m a long-time advocate for participation in community partnerships, because they create endorsed opportunities for more people to receive education, information and care that has the potential to change lives.

How I Can Partner with Your Organization Online

✧ If you are a Physical Therapist ...

When your patient is ready for discharge and would benefit from supervised exercise with incremental progressions as they continue to heal, I will provide online (or, in the future, in-home) support in accordance with your guidelines.

I work with patients who are recovering from orthopedic surgery or surgeries related to a cancer diagnosis, as well as those who want to avoid surgical interventions or recover from non-surgical cancer treatments by gaining strength, stability and improved movement patterns.

My integrative approach will also provide your patients with body-mind practices to help them reduce stressful responses to pain and uncertainty, and help them find meaningful ways to incorporate these practices into their healing experience. 

✧ If you organize Online Corporate ­Wellness Events ... 

All of the latest studies support the message that movement is essential for our health. The promotion of healthy activity in the workplace is a topic close to my heart. 

I provide both informational and enjoyable interactive sessions on a variety of topics related to the benefits of exercise, yoga, stress reduction and other aspects of optimum well-being.

I can create a customized presentation in the context of your one-day, weekend or week-long residential retreat within the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia area. 

✧ If you host Online Hospital-based Wellness Events ... 

Movement can be powerful medicine for the mind, body and spirit. As an experienced exercise and yoga educator, I conduct enjoyable, safe and inclusive group classes.

Integrative Wellness Partnerships & Programs

As the medical community increasingly endorses the essential role of exercise, yoga, meditation and other body-mind activities, I continue to expand my practice in this area and have worked regularly with the following organizations and groups:

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