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Color Alchemy & Therapy for Interiors

Create an Inspirational Sanctuary Using Color Alchemy




What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, uses color to promote physical, mental, andemotional well-being.

Color Alchemy is a branch of color therapy that combines color and its intrinsic energy tocreate a feel-good space for people.

The idea behind color alchemy is that different colors can affect the body and mind differently. Combining and using colors in specific ways can bring about positive change thatcan be relaxing, peaceful, and transformative for the heart and soul.

In color alchemy, different colors are associated with different chakras, emotions, andelements. I can uses this information to create a specific color blend or pattern to achieve a personal wellness or decorating goal.


As a certified color therapist, professional certified color expert and former color consultant with Benjamin Moore, with over 15 years of experience, I use color to create a space with inspirational healing properties, giving rise to living spaces to create a sanctuary for mental and emotional wellness.

Through this Color Therapy & Alchemy service I select colors that are best for your…

  • New home 

  • Remodeling project

  • Feng shui

  • Personal emotional wellness

  • Creative expression

  • Harmony and balance

"With the growing interest of people in holistic healing approaches, color therapy has gained immense popularity as an immersive tool for home décor and mental and physical wellness."- Sherry Steine

How It Works | customized to your personal needs

First we examine your desire for the space. Then we personalize your paint colors or color “prescription” with the layers of thought described above.

Get Started! There are two ways to use this service. Select between the customized color therapy paint and color services below.  I work with both in-person and online/distant clientele.

Once you have chosen one to meet your needs reach out through the Services page to set up a desired service. 

Transform Your Living Space into a Color Haven

Here are a few services I provide:

  • Emotional Balance Color Selections

Choose colors that match the desired emotional state you want to create in each room.

For example, blue and green are calming colors that can be used in a bedroom, while yellow

and orange are energizing colors that can be used in a workspace.

  • Chakra Balance Color Selections

The seven chakras correspond to different colors and emotions. I work with you to understand your physical and emotional balance to determine which chakras are out of balance.  Then I create a color palette associated with those chakras needed for your home decor to balance your energy and promote well-being.

  • Harmonious  Color Palette

Choosing a harmonious color palette for your home can help create a cohesive and pleasant

environment. I use colors that complement each other and are associated with the continuity and desired feeling you want to create in your home. This service is excellent for spaces and homes with open floor plans.

  • Feng Shui Color Palette

If you are familiar with Feng Shui, the 7,000 year old Chinese art of placement, balance is everything.  If you are not ready to go all in with a comprehensive Feng Shui reading, perhaps you want to be able to circulate good energy in your home with a customized Five Element Feng Shui Color palette to begin with.  This service entails understanding which of the Five Elements you are needing more or less of in accordance to a Chinese Astrology reading.  From this reading, I engage your color palette to enhance more of the colors you need to balance your personal five elemental makeup.  This is like acupuncture services for the home!

Nurturing a Colorful Environment for Mental Wellness

Color therapy can be a powerful tool for promoting mental and physical well-being, especially for women.


By understanding the psychology of color and using it correctly, you can create a pleasant and balanced color scheme in your home that promotes relaxation, healing, and emotional balance.


Whether you’re just starting to explore the benefits of color therapy or have been using it for years, incorporating it into your home decor is a simple and effective way to improve your overall quality of life.


Experience the Magic of Colors to Nourish Your Soul 

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